What are Leptin Pills?

Leptin pills either contain leptin or promote the natural production of leptin.

Leptin has been referred to by various nicknames including “the fat hormone”, “the starvation hormone” and “the obesity hormone”. Leptin was discovered by scientists in the mid-1990s.

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weight loss using leptin pills

After its discovery, there was considerable excitement about the potential of the hormone leptin being excellent for weight loss. Leptin pills have still been considered to be a great way to boost weight loss in obese individuals.

However, there are certain questions still surrounding these pills. Are they really helpful in weight loss? Is there any truth behind claims?

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Understanding Leptin

Although previously considered an obesity hormone, Leptin is actually a starvation hormone. It is actually a protein that is comprised of fat cells. The protein circulates within the circulatory system. Then it is transported to the brain. The protein’s function is to tell the brain via the fat cells that the body’s thermostat is at the right temperature.

The hormone informs your brain that the fat cells have stored enough energy. This means our body can carry on with normal functions and activities. It does not need to eat more than a maintenance amount. When the levels of leptin in the body are at a certain point, the brain will sense that the body has sufficient energy.

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This simply means that you can eat, sleep and exercise at a normal rate and pace, as well as undergo processes that require more energy such as pregnancy and puberty.

On the other hand, when a person begins to diet, they do not eat as much, and there is not a lot of fat in the cells. Leptin production is decreased, and leptin pills have been considered a supplement that can help maintain energy levels in the body.

Does The Leptin Hormone Affect Weight Gain?

Individuals who are overweight typically have a lot of leptin in their bodies. However, their brains do not receive any signal from the body that it has had enough to eat. We refer to this phenomenon as leptin resistance. It is similar to insulin resistance in those who are diabetic.

Leptin resistance causes individuals to become fat even though they have high levels of leptin in their bodies. It becomes a vicious cycle when the brain does not get the signal that the person should stop eating.

Giving leptin as supplements to those who are obese has proven to be effective in some cases. As people received leptin injections and pills, they began to overeat less and as a result, they lost weight. The vast majority who took the supplement as a weight loss tool did not see any results from the treatment. This is one of the reasons why the pills have not been approved to be a medical treatment for obesity.

A disadvantage of some pills is that the body cannot effectively absorb them. In general, for pills containing only leptin, the body cannot digest and process them to get the hormone into the bloodstream.

Pills that naturally induce leptin production within our bodies are a much better bet.

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Research on Leptin and it’s further uses

Continued research will help scientists learn how leptin pills can be used to help with other health issues such as inflammation.

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