Leptin Enhancing Foods

Leptin foods work in two distinct ways. One is to reduce leptin resistance so that the body responds better to the levels of leptin that are already present. The other is to stimulate the production of the hormone to increase levels in the blood.

Leptin is a hormone that is produced predominantly in your fat cells.

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When the hormonal systems involving this hormone are working properly it has two main effects.

As leptin levels rise,

  1. you feel fuller and resist eating.
  2. your internal metabolism is increased through stimulation of the nervous system.

Both these effects will automatically tend to reduce weight in overweight individuals.

Effective additional leptin cannot be introduced into the body except by injection and for some people with low levels of leptin this treatment works.

It has an important function of telling your brain when you are full. This will tell the brain when to stop eating. When a person has too much of this hormone, his/her sensitivity to the hormone decreases. This is what leads to obesity and overweight in many individuals. There are many leptin foods that are very helpful in reducing your weight. This read offers information on the best leptin foods out there.

Oatmeal is a good food source in this regard. Unprocessed oatmeal is a great way to boost your metabolism and decrease resistance to the hormone. It is also rich in fiber and will help decrease insulin levels. Oatmeal also reduces the levels of cholesterol and reduces the risks of heart attacks. Make sure you consume the whole grain version of oatmeal that is unsweetened and free of any additives. When you prepare oatmeal with milk, it adds calcium to the equation which is another great metabolic stimulator.

Grapefruit-leptin food

Grapefruit will lower your insulin levels. This will help burn more calories fast and effectively.

Hot peppers- leptin food

Hot peppers are another effective food to increase your metabolic rate. They also decrease resistance to the hormone. Capsaicin is a most effective substance that helps improve your metabolic rate and decrease leptin resistance.

Lean proteins take a longer time to digest. Hence, they expend a lot of energy compared to other foods out there. Protein will help to build lean muscle while burning more calories at the same time. Turkey and chicken are two of the best food sources for the higher protein content in them. It helps improve the metabolic rate over time.

Fish - Leptin food

Fish will help increase your metabolism and decrease the resistance to leptin.

Green tea and low-fat yogurt are two of the other effective sources when it comes to improving your metabolic rate and decreasing the leptin resistance rate.

With a host of food items that help improve one’s metabolic rate and decrease the leptin resistance, you should make sure to consume the best healthy foods in this regard. This is not the same asĀ foods with high leptin level. Rather it is the best foods for leptin release. With a whole list of food items out there, you can be overwhelmed with the options in front of you. This is where your research is important. You can decide on the best foods to decrease your leptin resistance and improve the metabolism at the same time.

In conclusion, leptin is a hormone that is connected with effective fat burning. If you are overweight or obese, you should consider including the above-mentioned food items in your diet. These foods can help you improve your metabolism and decrease leptin resistance which helps burn unwanted fat.


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