The Best Leptin Foods That Increase Metabolism

The research on dealing with obesity and weight control is still continuing and there are not too many absolute conclusions.

Leptin research laboratory

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However, many obese and overweight people may be suffering from leptin resistance. That’s why it is important to increase leptin sensitivity in these people if they plan to lose weight quickly and effectively. When a person suffers from leptin resistance, he or she may have high leptin levels in his/her blood. In fact, the body cannot use the hormone effectively due to the resistance. There are many foods that you can take to reduce this resistance and increase the metabolism at the same time. This read offers information on the best leptin foods that increase metabolism.

Oatmeal is one of the best foods to increase your metabolism and decrease the resistance to the hormone. It is rich in fiber and helps decrease the insulin levels in the body. It also lowers the cholesterol levels and prevents heart diseases. Make sure you pick the variety that is unsweetened and free of additives. Hot pepper is another food that reduces leptin resistance and boosts metabolism. Hot pepper has a chemical by the name of capsaicin which helps increase the metabolic rate. This chemical will keep calories burning for a long period of time even after you have finished the meal.

Lean proteins such as chicken and turkey are great foods to improve your metabolism and reduce resistance to the hormone. Lean meats will take a lot of energy to metabolize. Hence, a lot of calories are broken down during the digestive process. It is also an ingredient that is important to build the lean muscle mass on your body.

Fish is another effective food that will help you improve the metabolic rate and decrease the resistance to leptin. Fish oil is important in this regard. Low-fat yogurt is another great food to lower resistance to the hormone and improve your metabolism. Yogurt has a higher content of protein and calcium.

Green tea is another food that helps increase your heart rate and metabolic rate at the same time. The caffeine present in green tea is responsible for this action. It also contains a chemical substance known as EGCG. This substance stimulates your nervous system and helps burn calories faster. Eggs have proteins which help improve your metabolism and reduce the resistance to leptin. Vitamin B12 in the eggs help break down fat cells in the body. Fruits and vegetables are quite effective in boosting your metabolism and reducing the resistance to leptin. They are full of water and low in calories. Hence, fruits and vegetables will help lower your hunger and increase satiety.

Leptin is a hormone that helps break down fat cells quite effectively. Hence the connection between leptin and weight loss. The Leptin signaling process has had extensive research. Leptin resistance can be caused due to many reasons. There are many leptin foods that increase metabolism by decreasing the resistance to leptin. But you should choose the best foods for this purpose. The aforementioned read offers information on some of the best foods to increase metabolism and decrease the resistance to leptin.

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