How To Boost Leptin Levels

Why increase leptin?

UT Southwestern researchers find leptin turns fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells

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If you have been finding yourself feeling lethargic or in need of dropping a few pounds, understanding how to increase leptin levels may be an excellent choice for you.

Let’s take a closer look at what leptin is, how it interacts with our body and how you can increase leptin levels in your system.

What Is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone in the body which regulates our appetite. It interacts with our brain, advising it how much fat we have in our reserves. When the body is not receiving regular nutrition, or finds itself in a time of need, these fat reserves are then made available.

Whilst it can seem that leptin plays a significant role in our body, the truth is that the process can be hindered. When we put on weight, the way leptin communicates and interacts within our body can become confused. In fact we can become leptin resistant. Such a situation can then lead to increased difficulty in losing weight.

How Can I Naturally Increase Leptin Levels In My Body?

There are some highly technical ways such as that patented at University of Kentucky – Nutritional Sciences Faculty Patents

We will look at more straightforward methods.

Your diet plays a key role in determining your leptin levels. Firstly, up your fiber intake. Try to consume more of foods such as oats, legumes, whole grains and celery.

Why does fiber make a difference? Fiber provides a full feeling within the body. This feeling causes the intestinal tract to tell your brain it needs to release more leptin.

Fruit and vegetables for Leptin increase

Next, try to eat more fruit and vegetables. These whole foods are low in calories, yet high in water and fiber. Avoid fruit or vegetable juices which may be high in sugar or salt. Such juices can also mean that you don’t get the benefit of all the fiber in the fruit. A much better option is to simply enjoy the fruit and vegetables in their whole state.

Sleep also plays an important part in your goal to increase leptin levels. You should aim to sleep for 8 hours per day. Lack of sleep may mean your body will make less leptin.

As well as getting enough sleep, think about how much you eat before bed time. Ideally you should make supper your final eating time. Even if you feel hungry in the evening, chances are it’s your body producing leptin that may be giving you the sense that you are hungrier than you really are. Resisting the urge to snack can help your body to increase leptin levels.

The above is a quick guide to naturally increasing your leptin levels. Other methods also exist, such as increasing Omega 3 consumption by eating foods like salmon and sardines.

Of course, before attempting any new diet it is always recommended to speak first with your health care practitioner. They may be able to provide you with a detailed list of foods to increase, as well as guidelines on how to change your diet safely. If you find yourself feeling overly tired or fighting to lose a few pounds, increasing your leptin levels could prove to make a real difference.

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